Monday, May 9, 2011

Lifedrawing, zoo, and misc sketches

The lifedrawings are from last week. On saturday there was a sketch meet at the zoo, and it was immensely enjoyable.

But still, socializing is difficult. The fears of saying something wrong, and not knowing how to shake off one's awkwardness and stiffness, the panic that follows after one says something - getting worried if one indeed said something stupid (or unintentionally offensive), etc. etc. ... um... suck. Also, panicking about how to respond to something mean that someone else said, that was disguised as a joke. Does that make any sense? No? No. Arrrghhhh ffffu- damnit, I *do* want to socialize more, it's just so... damn hard. Lol, this post is so self-centered - I apologize for such content.

These are from this film. Second part to that is here. Enjoy~

A bird of paradise flower at uni.

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  1. Eventually I will make it to one of these sketch meets, I swear it