Thursday, July 7, 2011

A visit to Mandurah

I went to Mandurah on the 8th of June, so yeah, this post was meant to be posted last month but it just kept getting postponed.

First there was the nice scenery. This is in the park overlooking Mandjar Bay.

And then there's a deli there that has this brilliant wallpainting of whom we shall call Father Nightmare, fishing in the sea of tears and broken perspective.

 A plastic toy hammer - the makers of this little wonder must have thought - can only be made better with the addition of a recorder as the handle. I came home that afternoon filled with regret for not having bought this great invention.

A lot of the times it is hard to draw eyes that match. One might end up looking larger, or the shapes might not match, or sometimes there's difficulty alligning them correctly. It's true that our eyes don't perfectly match, but it's still frustrating to be trying to do a portrait, and ending up with an unintentional abstract painting. This is a common problem and you shouldn't feel bad if you have trouble drawing matching eyes. The makers of this gem certainly have gotten over that.

The glitter is a nice touch.

So if drawing matching eyes is so hard, we should make use of technology to help us produce higher quality images right? Why not copy and paste one eye and shrink it a little? And put it on the other side of the face? Now both eyes look the same~! One's smaller, but that's because it's further away! Basic perspective rule :) It's PERFECT.

That hand... is also pretty special.

Mandurah is awesome.

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