Sunday, June 12, 2011


My final year project dissertation has been finished. It was pretty much making a pokedex using RFID. So, now that the project's done and over with, there's heaps of time to work on drawing and painting.

An admittedly half-arsed sketch from a photo of David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing.

When using watercolours, people sometimes dab a tissue onto the paper or brush to absorb excess colour or watercolour that's too concentrated. I forgot that I had used a tissue to absorb a blob of super strong, concentrated red watercolour, and dabbed that onto the handle of the yellow cup unknowingly. Fff- so that's why the right part of the picture's cropped off.

Part of the interior of a cafe in Northbridge.

This is a rough plan for a collab picture. Jackie and I met up in the city and checked out Perth's Borders. We drew, looked at a giant book of cat and kitten pictures, some of the last remaining art-related books relevant to our interests (or not so relevant to our interests - it's your portable guide to drawing tits on stilts! What more could you want?), and just generally had a grand old time. Sadly, Borders is closing next week, so that may have possibly been one of the last times we can check it out, if not the last time.

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